Stone Mountain City Hopes to Attract More Cyclists

Main Street Stone Mountain recently met with about 20 cyclists about making Stone Mountain Village more bicycle-friendly.

Last month, new Main Street Stone Mountain (MSSM) executive director , said one initiative she'd 'd like to see in Stone Mountain Village is to "embrace our cycling community here. They are here anyway. We just need to claim them and begin really [to] embrace their presence by providing goods and services which would cater to them."

MSSM has taken steps to make that happen, recently meeting with about 20 cyclists at Aztec Cycles on Main Street.

Ryles also mentioned the efforts to attract cyclists and create activities for them at Monday's City Council work session.

"We've included them in our plans for next year," Ryles said.

In an announcement about the recent gathering, Jack Sartain, Chair of MSSM, said,  "This mobile swarm of great folks is a natural to help the Village prosper through offering amenities, good food, rest rooms, safe streets and bike friendly businesses." 

According to the release, they talked about becoming a "bicycle friendly city," holding cycling events and having cyclists begin and end many of their rides in the Village.


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