Meet the Owner: Brian Walters of The Miracle of Massage

Business owner Brian Walters recently opened his massage therapy business in the Village of Stone Mountain.

Looking for a way to ease the pain in your tight, tensed muscles? Well, look no further because your "miracle"has arrived. Meet Brian Walters, owner and operator of "The Miracle of Massage" located at 925 Main Street in the Village of Stone Mountain. Recently, he sat down to talk with Patch about his new business.

Patch: Why did you decide to open The Miracle of Massage?

Brian Walters: The Miracle of Massage [was the as a result of] the recent economic crunch.  A friend advised me to get licensed as a massage therapist.  I started attending a school in Suwannee, Georgia and I graduated with flying colors.

Patch: Why did you choose this location?

Walters: Originally, I started working from home, but I moved [to the Village of Stone Mountain] because it’s very [diverse] and the people appreciate the value of a massage. The people in this area are more accepting of my type of service.

Patch: What’s the most challenging part of running your massage business?

Walters: Well, I would say two things. First, getting people to understand what we do.  We are not a spa.  We do therapy massages.  We look to find muscle irregularities, identify what’s causing the pain, and combine various kinds of massages to get the muscles to work the way they are suppose to. The second challenge has been getting people to know that we are here and we want to serve them.

Patch: What’s been the most rewarding part about what you do?

Walters: Ninety percent of my clientele are females who come who have stress in their backs and necks. [It’s rewarding to see clients] walk out the door feeling totally relaxed.  I have one older woman who nicknamed me “Skillet Hands."

Patch: What advice would you give an entrepreneur wanting to get into the business?

Walters: [Massage] is my passion. This business works if you’re someone who wants to help other people heal.

Patch: What kind of impact do you want to make on the community?

Walters: As much as possible, I want to inform people.  I use animated software to show my customers how their shoulders [and other parts of their body] should work. 

Patch:  Do you have a staff?

Walters:  No, I work alone, but my wife is a physical therapist and she helps me with ideas [for the business].

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CookieBanks October 23, 2012 at 10:56 PM
never heard of this place will have to check it out, in need of a serious message


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