Dressed to Impress: ClayBorne Fashions

Meet the Owner: Henry Clay of ClayBorne Fashions talks about custom-made clothing.

Henry and Tiffany Clay just moved their business, ClayBorne Fashions, to Stone Mountain Village last Christmas. The Conyers couple specializes in custom-made blazers, ties and jewelry, in addition to selling handbags, perfume, shirts and more, all at reasonable prices.

Patch sat with Henry Clay this week in their shop, located at 937 Main Street, to talk about his view on fashion and why he got started in the custom-making business.

Patch: Tell me a little about ClayBorne Fashions.

Henry Clay: We started about three years ago, with selling shirts and ties out of my trunk, and we decided to take it to the next level. We found a building in Conyers, and we were there for a couple of months, but it didn't work out, so we left Conyers and moved down here in Stone Mountain.

Patch: Would you consider this your first business?

Clay: This is our first business. With myself being in music, I've always been in businesses all of my life, but now I'm going into fashion. I still produce gospel music, and fashion has always been a part of that, too.

Patch: Did you fall into fashion because of music?

Clay: I fell into fashion because, being a plus-size guy, there's really nothing out here for us. That geared me into designing and fashion for guys. I mean, I definitely carry small sizes, as well, but I gear to the big and tall.

Patch: How are your ties custom-made?

Clay: Our custom ties are handmade. I pick all the fabric, and I sew all the ties myself. I have a team also, and the good thing is that you won't find these ties [anywhere]. Ties, bowties, ascots, all that good stuff.

Patch: You carry suits, too. Do you also tailor them?

Clay: Yes, we tailor suits and we custom-make blazers. We make it at home right now, but we're currently moving everything here.

Patch: And you own the store with your wife, Tiffany?

Clay: Yes. She's also a designer. She does a lot of floral, home decor... she did all of this, [the interior decorating]. My wife picks the jewelry out and she handmakes the jewelry, also. We have a few things that we buy out, but everything you see here is [mostly] custom.

Patch: What makes ClayBorne different?

If guys are trying to look for a different look, ClayBorne is definitely the place to be. If you want that poppin tie or shirt, this is the place to be. We also carry clergy [robes and shirts] for all pastors, bishops, ministers.

Patch: If you could give out one fashion tip, what would it be?

Clay: Stay with color. Color is a big thing. A lot of people are scared of color, but when you put something dark under the color, it definitely brings everything out.

Henry Louis Adams January 21, 2012 at 09:45 PM
I will be by to take a look. :)
Kimberly Grice Dubose January 23, 2012 at 01:08 AM
Hey Henry, I'm very proud of you. I promise the next time I'm in town I will stop by to buy my hubby something nice. Your friend, Kimberly Grice-Dubose
Ronzelle Wilkes September 29, 2012 at 09:56 PM
The next time I visit Atlanta, I will see you.
Marco Stiffahh Lucas November 08, 2012 at 11:34 PM
Wow...just spoke with Clayborne, nice dude...May God continue to bless you
Mad @ Henry Clay January 28, 2013 at 04:27 PM
My husband ordered two suits and paid half as the deposit back in November, why is it that we have NOT received the suits yet, and the store is now closed. We've called over 75 times to reach Henry and have left several voicemails, once we had a date and time to meet him, but he didn't show up. We're soooooo frustrated that he seemed godly and honest only to find out he's the complete opposite. I called the other day as soon as he heard my voice he hung up. His voicemail is so full with other complaining customers, that we can no longer leave a message, hence this post. BAD BUSINESS!!!


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