Bites Nearby: A Review of our Reviews

Every week Patch picks a restaurant worth checking out. This week we provide a recap of 10 places we reviewed in 2011.

Here's a list of 10 places we reviewed in the previous year that are still worth your time. After you go, let us know how you enjoyed -- or didn't -- these restaurants. And, if you have already been, consider writing your own review on Patch.

These are listed in no particular order.


This is a new spot located in Stone Mountain, and yes there are all things sweet potato related here. The restaurant, owned by chef Karen Patton (the restaurant's head chef is Georgia Pollard) is located directly across from , so it's positioned to become a go-to spot after any event.


I spent an afternoon , eating lots of good food in order to write this review. Not only was the food good, but the people were super nice here.


For more than 30 years, family-run Imperial Chinese Garden on Rockbridge Road has been serving up all the traditional Chinese foods Americans are used to, from General Tso's chicken to chop suey.


If you like the idea of combining food with dancing, then seems a great Lilburn spot to try. It specializes in Greek and Italian food.


Hmm, any place that serves fajitas with filet mignon can't be bad. This restaurant, located in Tucker, has been in the same strip mall for years. But, the inside decor and food make up for the otherwise pedestrian exterior.


This used to be located in Grayson. However, it is now located in the Snellville Oaks shopping center. Drive too fast past the center, and you may miss it. But, inside there is a lot of good food and great personalities.


I still have not gone to this Tucker-area restaurant, and should have by now. They have really good dishes made by chefs in training, and the prices are very reasonable. So, if you also haven't been, this year is a good time. I'm putting it on my resolution list.


This Latin American restaurant is located in Lilburn off of Lawrenceville Highway. It specializes in Colombian food, and there are sounds of traditional Spanish music playing in the background, and the aroma of fried plantains being cooked in the kitchen.

9. t

is in Lilburn, and specializes in Cambodia food. Yes, there are a lot of food choices in our area. It's squeezed between an odd store-front church and the over-powering presence of Joe's Country Buffet.


Although it may seem as if this restaurant is in Snellville. It's not. It's in Lawrenceville at The Avenue Webb Gin. I ate there and really loved their ribs and biscuits. The food also wasn't all that expensive. I've been there several times now, and will probably keep going back.

(Editor's note: This article was revised to replace The Rock House entry with Imperial Chinese Garden.)

Lucas Roberts January 03, 2012 at 05:44 PM
I will see Sweet Potato Cafe this Saturday


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