ABC Consignment Closing in Stone Mountain Village

Reason: Lack of traffic, co-owner said. The store will close its doors in July.

is going out of business.

Andrea Cerrillo, one of the owners of the store in Stone Mountain Village, said the area doesn't get the traffic needed to support the store, which is chock full of items ranging from furniture to artwork to accessories.

"We tried. We tried for a year and a half," she said.

Discounts are going on as the owners prepare to close in July. "We have to get rid of everything before we close," Cerrillo said.

Cerrillo and Gabriela Da Silva, the store's other owner, were interviewed for  Patch's feature last October.

T and are two businesses that have closed their doors in Stone Mountain Village since last fall. The Crab Pot cited lack of traffic; Petals started seeing its business drop as the economy tanked and clients started losing their jobs, the owner said.

Other businesses have opened up in the area, such as (which took over The Crab Pot's old space), salon (which set up in Petals' former spot), and

Andy Williams, 55, who stopped in at ABC Consignment recently, said he grew up in the City of Stone Mountain and remembers when there used to be an overhead covering or awning down Main Street, allowing folks to walk around no matter the weather. He said the Village should bring that back as well as pull-in parking and building owners should reduce rent.

"It looks good but it's not working," said Williams, who now lives in Centerville.

Successful efforts to bring people to the Village include the recent concert series, the , and regular . The city's "Movies on Main" has also brought people in, and returns on May 26 at dark with a showing of the movie "Footloose," which filmed in the city.

What else can be done to increase foot traffic in Stone Mountain Village? Share your ideas below in the comments section.

Lucas Roberts May 01, 2012 at 03:58 PM
Thats to bad to hear. As far as the question - There is too much traffic. Vehicular traffic. There needs to be a buffer between the sidewalk and the street. Walking down the sidewalk isn’t a pleasant experience due to the amount of traffic right next to you. Integrate some landscaping or something to screen the traffic. Or fix the congestion at James Rivers and Main. That is the reason for the back up / congestion.
April Johnson May 01, 2012 at 04:05 PM
Very sad to see yet another business shutting it's doors. How do we get the people out of their cars and checking out the businesses? I think the median has help slow people down enough to allow them to see what is actually happening on the strip.
Kitty Whitty May 04, 2012 at 10:52 PM
The death of Main Street, and Main Street businesses, can be counted from the day the awnings came down. Well done, Mayor and City Council! Yet another stellar decision! I am within walking distance of Main Street and you couldn't pay me to shop there. At least there is granite and rusted steel "artwork" along with raised pedestrian walkways to slow peop[le down so they can see empty storefronts and ruined businesses. Until we elect people with a clear business vision this will be the way it is. Unfortunately "newcomers" who try to run for office are met with a smear campaign.


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