'The Three Stooges' Films at Stone Mountain Park

Part of the park was transformed into a zoo this week, complete with a lion.

Filming of the new Farrelly brothers comedy "The Three Stooges" moved to Stone Mountain Park this week.

The film crew built a set piece that made part of the park look like a zoo, and a lion was brought in from Los Angeles for the scene, said Ernie Malik, the film's media coordinator. 

"It looks like the real thing," Malik said. 

The crew used Stone Mountain Lake to film a pond scene, Malik said.

The film crew has been working around Atlanta for weeks and is in Buckhead today, he said.

The movie is inspired by the slapstick comedies from the early to mid-twentieth century, with the characters Moe, Larry and Curly. Chris Diamantopoulos of the TV series "24" plays Moe, Larry is played by Sean Hayes of the television show "Will & Grace," and Will Sasso plays Curly.

Sofia Vergara of the television show "Modern Family," also plays in the movie, as does Jane Lynch of "Glee," and Larry David of "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

Atlanta is one of the most popular places for filming movies, Malik said. Bobby and Peter Farrelly filmed Hall Pass in Atlanta last year.

"They didn't even look anywhere else" when deciding where to film "The Three Stooges, "Malik said.


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