Serve Up Buffalo Chicken Tender Cupcakes for Unique Treat

Based on the chicken wing cupcake that was a Super Bowl hit, this dish is boneless so that you can pop the whole weirdly good treat in your mouth.

In the week leading up to the Super Bowl, an Albany bakery made national news with its . The cupcake was made of a buttery cornbread base, covered with blue cheese frosting and topped with a chicken wing.

I thought it looked weird but interesting, so I decided to make my own version. I didn't like the idea of having to pull the chicken wing off the cupcake to eat it, so I went with boneless buffalo chicken tenders instead. 

You will need:

12 corn muffins (I used this and reduced the baking time to 18-20 minutes, but you can use a mix if you prefer)

Boneless buffalo chicken tenders (I used Tyson brand)

Blue cheese frosting

Ingredients for blue cheese frosting:

8 ounces of cream cheese softened

3 ounces of crumbled blue cheese

1/2 tsp. of hot sauce

1 tsp. lemon juice

Blend cheeses, hot sauce and lemon juice in medium bowl with mixer until smooth. Add lemon juice or hot sauce (your preference) to reach desired consistency.

Buffalo tender cupcakes:

Heat buffalo tenders according to package directions. Frost corn muffins with blue cheese frosting and then top with chicken tenders. Serve warm.

Note: I was also curious to see how this recipe would work with biscuits instead of corn muffins. As much as I like cornbread, I actually like the blue cheese frosting and buffalo tenders even better with biscuits.

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This recipe originally appeared on Dacula Patch.


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