'Music on Main': Comments from Attendees

The organizer shared several comments from those who came to the event, the first in a series.

organizer and producer Bill Leavell of sent Patch additional photos from the last week's first concert in the series (see our Pics & Clips gallery for others) as well as comments written by several who attended:

" I was at the Music on Main event and totally enjoyed the music that was presented to the public for free! I encourage everyone to come out and support these talented individuals on these occassions!" - M. Bain-Phillip

 "I loved the show! I want more jazz!" - Lady-T  

"We loved the event and really loved the last band Candi-Ray" - Deborah Loftis 

"I enjoyed the show. They were awesome! I hope someday soon I will be as good as the guitar player. He showed me that I have a long way to go to be as good as he is." - Justin Veader 

"Great Music! Loved the new song ROCK STAR"-  J. Smith  

"Great job! Everyone really enjoyed the music and the atmosphere. Bravo to all the instrumentalists and WOW what a beautiful blend in the voices! Look forward to hearing them all again!" - S. Tracy 


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