Whole Lotta Shakey Goin' On

Shakey the cat has a possible vestibular disorder that throws off his balance. He doesn't care one bit.

He's extremely friendly, quite orange, very curious, totally loving and a bit wobbly. When you walk into the room and he spots you, you can see in his eyes he's determined that you will pet him.

Oh, you will pet him. Shakey the cat will make sure of that. However, it just might take him a little longer to get to you than it would take a normal cat.

Shakey is a year-old rescued cat with an equilibrium problem. Otherwise healthy, he has adjusted just fine to the challenge of being, well, shakey. He sometimes has problems judging distance and he tilts his head as he looks at you, but it somehow just makes this outgoing cat all the more appealing.

The fact that likes to "talk" to people also adds to his charm. He lives in the offices at LifeLine Animal Project with five other shelter cats and thoroughly enjoys the company of other felines and most especially the company of humans.

"He's so precious. I just love him," says Mickie Blair, who serves as LifeLine's cat rehabilitation director.

Blair reports that Shakey's disorder (it's unknown if it happened through injury or illness or whether it's been there since birth) is something that is unlikely to get worse and that as he gets older he will get better and better at compensating.

"This happens sometimes with cats, " says Blair. "With dogs too."

Shakey is a special cat who needs a special home.

He lived in a foster home for a while and it was very successful. When adopting a shelter cat or dog you might not always know how well they will adapt to life in a house or apartment (some rescued pets have never lived in one.) At LifeLine the staff works on adapting animals to different living situations and volunteer fosters help get shelter pets "home ready".

Shakey is home ready. He's had all his shots, health tests, and is also micro chipped.

If you want more info, wish to meet this special cat or bring Shakey home with you please contact mblair@lifelineanimal.org

Military vets always adopt free through LifeLine's Pets Helping Vets program and in June, adoption fees are waived for teachers and school administrators as part of LifeLine's Creatures For Teachers promotion.


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