Weekly Adoptables: Daffodil, Collie/Shepherd Mix

Dogs and cats are up for adoption at DeKalb Animal Services.

Daffodil is waiting and ready to go. Photo Credit: Yvonne Samuels
Daffodil is waiting and ready to go. Photo Credit: Yvonne Samuels
By Yvonne Samuels

Daffodil is a nine-month-old collie/shepherd mix with a smooth tan, yellow and fawn color coat. She weighs approximately 40 lbs. Daffodil is young enough to have all the curiosity that comes with youth, but is not so young as to chew everything in sight. 

If you are always looking for someone to go for a brisk walk, look no more; you've found your perfect companion. Daffodil likes lots of exercise and would thrive in an active home. She is sweet and energetic and would love a home with larger children with whom she could run and play. Daffodil knows the Sit, Touch and Down commands. She needs a little reinforcement on the Down command, but she is smart and learns quickly.  

This warm, friendly dog is also happy lying by your side and playing with a squeaky toy. If you have an active lifestyle and you want a companion to share that lifestyle; you will love Daffodil. Daffodil just wants to have fun and would like nothing more than a family and home to call her own. If you would like to provide that home, please come visit her; Daffodil is waiting and ready to go.  

DeKalb Animal Services

For adoption inquiries: adoption@dekalbanimalservices.com 
For rescue inquiries: rescue@dekalbanimalservices.com 
For volunteer and foster inquiries: volunteer@dekalbanimalservices.com

Last week's dog, Delilah, was adopted! 


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