Social Media, YouTube Tributes to Former Redan High School Student Killed in Mississippi

Nolan Ryan Henderson was killed Sunday.

People are using social media, Youtube and Change.org as vehicles to express disbelief, sadness and call for justice in the shooting death in Mississippi of Nolan Ryan Henderson, a Jackson State University freshman who attended . 

Henderson was shot to death in an apartment complex in Jackson, according to the Jackson Clarion-Ledger. The article said he was found on the ground in front of an apartment building.

Henderson, 19, was pronounced dead at the scene, suffering a gunshot wound to the face, the Clarion Ledger reported

Thousands of tweets include: 

  • not one voice, not two voices,but a thousand voices, will be herd.#justiceforryan 

 - @RyansJustice

-  @PStar15

  • Come on you guys if we can do it for Trayvon we can do it for Ryan too...RIP to tha both of them #JusticeForRyan

- @_xAhYooKesh

On Change.org, there is a petition with the title, "Jackson State University's Athletic Department and Board of Directors: Stop hiding information about the death of Nolan Ryan Henderson."

The petition claims that Henderson bumped into a football player, apologized, then was attacked and shot. There is a video on Youtube with the same claims.

There have been no arrests in the shooting.

Jackson State University has released a statement, urging anyone with information about the shooting to call the Jackson police department. 

University president Carolyn W. Meyers met with Henderson's family on Monday.

“This is the time to step forward,” Meyers said in the statement. “We need to do whatever we can to help the Henderson family and the Jackson State family. We are all grieving.”


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