Talking About Hair, Naturally

Natural hair bloggers spoke Tuesday at Hairston Crossing Library about what's involved in making the change.

Going natural can turn heads, make some people scratch their heads, and even get skeptics eventually to nod their heads in approval.

And that's just part of the journey to transitioning to natural hair, said several women who've done just that - and blog about it -- during a natural hair care forum at Hairston Crossing Library Tuesday evening.

Some 84 people attended "It's a Natural Thing! A Hair Care Forum."

The panel of bloggers talked about everything from friends' and family members' reactions to their decision to the self confidence that blossomed after going natural, to hair care products.

On the panel were Mae (Natural Chica), Kiki Stephens and Farrah Riley (Mahogany Knots) Lexi Felder (Curls, Coils and Kinks) and Adrienne Brown (Me, My Hair and The City).

Audience members could understand and the empathize with women's past hair experiences.

When Adrienne Brown shared that her first perm at age 9 was a strong one, known as a "super perm," the crowd uttered a stunned  "Ooo!" in unison.

Some relatives and friends were very accepting of the change, some were confused, and some didn't like it.

Blogger Lexi Felder said her father "still to this day is like, 'when are you going to straighten your hair?' "

But she loves her natural hair. "This is my hair. This is me," she said.

"My mom is my biggest supporter," said Farrah Riley.

"My Dad was not anti-natural, he was anti-short," said blogger Kiki Stephens. "I didn't have any negativity [about going natural] from my family."

Mae described her family's reaction as "kind of shocked" at first, but they are supportive.

The audience wanted to know about the bloggers' favorite hair care products and shared their own experiences with natural hair.

One woman said when she had locks, she would get an extra pat-down from airport security. Now that her hair is short, she doesn't get that anymore. 

Brown said education can go a long way when explaining to people the decision to transition to natural hair. "They can come around," she said. "Try to work with them."

It might be daunting for some women to even think of going natural, but Brown said it can open up a whole new world of possibilities.

"You never know what taking that leap will lead you to," she said.

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Vanzetta Evans May 02, 2012 at 05:18 PM
Aw! Wish I'd seen this earlier! I'm a natural girl and could use the tips. I'll have to check out these blogs.
Leslie Johnson May 02, 2012 at 06:19 PM
It was great, Vanzetta!


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