Quotes and Comments of the Week

Notable commentary about news on Stone Mountain-Redan Patch, Sept. 16-22.

1. "I get upset when people say it was the snake’s fault."

-Alexis Powers, 20, who was bitten by a venomous snaked called a copperhead, which she accidentally stepped on in her driveway.


2. the entire complex needs to be bulldozed. I hate driving by it's disgusting. Maybe build some town homes or condos instead of another mega apartment complex. Make it a nice green space, in the very back have a park for kids to play in, bbq area, basketball court. Since it's on the busy street that may not work but something productive and helpful to the community needs to go there. A boys and girls club

Patch reader CookieBanks, commenting on the article,

3. Whenever American cities are compared in terms of bicycling, Atlanta comes in next-to-last. Houston, where I previously lived, is last.

The attitudes of motorists on this thread are why. They really, honestly think that my life is worth less than the few seconds or minutes they might be inconvenienced by watching out for me. They would rather run me over than slow down, even a little.

I find their attitude infuriating, and I find their refusal to contribute to bike lane construction even worse. Because every car that is replaced by a bike on their precious road means more room on the road for them, and faster movement.

Patch reader Dana Blankenhorn, commenting on Patch's question of the week: Is Atlanta Safe for Bicyclists?

4. "Are we going to just do something for the benefit of people that certainly do have something that is a habit, that is dangerous to other people around them while they're smoking? I think we should consider not accommodating people that are doing something that is a nuisance and danger to everybody's health."

-Marla Bexley-Lovell, of the City of Stone Mountain's Historic Preservation Committee, during a discussion at city hall about a proposed smoking ordinance.

Article: Smoking Ban Discussion Continues in Stone Mountain City

5. About time. Some Quality comes to South Hairston. Now, If the night clubs would only relocate to a more suitable area; we could possibly have a good area for family's to stop by and eat. Its still a rap after dark in that area.

-Patch reader and blogger Henry Louis Adams commenting on the article Zaxby's Gets the OK to Build on S. Hairston


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