Opinion: A Rare Sight Over Stone Mountain – and the World!

Counseling Astrologer Michelle Gregg offers her thoughts on what the Transit of Venus means to you.

Editor's note:  Michelle Gregg is a Counseling Astrologer who is passionate about helping clients re-connect with their joy. There is a deep spiritual grounding to all of her work. Michelle writes, speaks and sees clients all over the world. 

An incredibly rare event happened in our sky on June 5 in Stone Mountain and across the globe, and you’ve probably already heard about it in the news. It was the Transit of Venus across the face of the Sun – an event that only happens in pairs every 105 years.

This incredible event won’t happen again until 2117 and 2125. Those of us here now were witness to both the 2004 and the 2012 events…

But what does this rare sky event mean to you personally?

Because of where Stone Mountain is geographically, the 2012 Transit of Venus has everything to do with love and relationships; with deepening your experience of the one thing we all want – More Love.

And because this event is the beginning of a new 19-month cycle, the effects are present with us at least that long.

So knowing that you can tap into this remarkable once-in-a-lifetime energy, begin to think about these possibilities:

Re-birthing your relationships in a more loving, more fulfilling way.
Re-birthing the way you give and receive love.
Re-birthing your values.
Re-birthing your mental attitudes and beliefs towards others.
Re-birthing your world-view.

AND whether male or female, allowing your inner feminine to emerge fully formed and functional so that you can participate fully in the wonderful shift toward More Love that can occur.

You just happen to be alive at a moment in history that most people don’t have the opportunity to experience – a moment when a great shift is happening around us, through us and inside us. It is a shift toward more love, more compassion, and more forgiveness – if that is what you intend. If that is what we intend together. If you believe… if you trust. If we believe and trust together.  If we grasp the knowledge and distill the wisdom from it.

It is a shift integrating the Mind with the Soul – and I mean this both as a personal evolution for you, as well as a social and cultural one. We are moving from the cold region of science as God (a masculine mind-set), to a warmer climate that balances science with faith, intuition, love, beauty and wisdom of the heart and Nature, and the needs and desires of the Soul (a feminine mind-set).

This moment in time is part of the shift of finally integrating both worlds, masculine and feminine, if we are wise enough to co-create with the energies that are offered. 

I don’t believe that we will all suddenly live in Utopia where everyone loves and understands all other people, and lambs will lie down with lions without fear. This change is a process – and one that we have been on for many years already.

We are steadily moving toward a time when the role of human beings and the way we relate to one another personally, culturally, socially and politically is different than it has been for a VERY long time.

And we are also steadily moving toward a time when we relate to the Earth, our Mother, in a more conscious and evolved way. We can view this moment in time as a birth pang in the birth process of a new era for humanity.

It won’t happen overnight and it won’t happen without more labor pains – yet there is something rare and beautiful about the potential that is surrounding us right now and into the next many months.

I do believe that this moment in time will get us closer to a more loving, more peaceful existence with each other, especially if we take the opportunity to move and evolve with the energy around us. That means focused intention – consciously projecting love, acceptance, harmony and peace into our personal lives and into the greater world.

And also consciously asking for greater wisdom in understanding others and in our relationships, both personal and with the world at large.

I also believe that women as a whole will move more into the forefront of the movement of change and transformation that we are undergoing. And I think that can only be a good thing.

So, I implore you, don’t let this amazing opportunity pass by without co-creating MORE LOVE! Think and intend and open your hearts, and then project it all forward and outward. The time for greater love is now.

If you need help integrating the meaning of the Transit of Venus into your life – you’re ready to stop struggling with your relationships and your life path – I’d love to work with you! I’m currently running a Transit of Venus Consultation Special. To schedule, contact me at astrology@michellegregg.com and please visit my website/blog.

Remember – More Love!

Gary Custar June 07, 2012 at 03:18 PM
Glad to see such hard-hitting news is on the front page of Patch. Move over National Enquirer, there's a new rag in town!
Crystal Huskey June 07, 2012 at 03:30 PM
Hey now... it's an opinion piece, not news :)
Gary Custar June 07, 2012 at 06:08 PM
On the main page of the Snellville Patch it's the first article under the 'News' heading. Perhaps it should be moved to the unicorn, leprechaun, and Loch Ness monster section of this publication.
Michelle Gregg, Counseling Astrologer June 07, 2012 at 08:55 PM
Hi Gary, thanks for your comments, however they were meant. I do find it sad that that the first comment made here was one of anti-love. However, as my colleague Adam Gainsburg and I pointed out not 30 minutes ago in an interview, this Venus Transit will definitely bring out differences in opinions, in personal, social and political arenas. However, the beauty of bringing out differences is that they can be clarified and then, ultimately balanced and harmonized. Thank you so much for reading my piece! More love...
David Brown June 07, 2012 at 11:48 PM
Michelle, as a Bible-believing Christian, I am extremely uncomfortable with using astrology, the stars or horoscopes to get advice or help with re-connecting with our joy. The Bible warns about astrologers. The Bible says that astrologers cannot save people as God can. In Isaiah, the Bible says that doom will come to Babylon and there is nothing the astrologers can do to save the people from it. Sorry about that:)
TOWG June 08, 2012 at 11:44 AM
I am not going to jump into a debate over the merits of astrology. I prefer to study the entrails of a freshly killed duck.


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