No Place Like Home

Welcome To The Community Corner, a column that focuses on people in our neighborhood who are making a difference.

There's no place like home... Those five simple words immediately shift our mind to another place:  a land of little people, an Emerald City, and, if all goes according to plan, back to Kansas again.  If you're reading this column, then we probably share a familiar setting or "home:" Stone Mountain-Redan. Since there truly is no place like home, it's only fitting that we get down to the business of discovering ours.

So that brings us to the point of The Community Corner.  It's a place where we - the residents of Stone Mountain-Redan - can be at home.  It's a place to share ideas and information, read about the "goings on" in and around our neighborhood, and learn about the lives and activities of the different members of our community.

Whether you originally hail from Stone Mountain-Redan or are one of the many transplants who have come to call the area home, there truly is no place like Stone Mountain-Redan.  A city of historic significance, natural beauty, and colorful people.  

Volunteer of The Month:

Sharon Mitchell is a Stone Mountain-based volunteer with the deaf community in and around Stone Mountain-Redan.  Recently we caught up with Sharon at The Atlanta Area School for the Deaf in Clarkston, where she serves as a community volunteer. 

CC: How long have you lived in Stone Mountain-Redan?

SM: 11 and 1/2 years.

CC: What prompted you to move to the area?

SM: We had friends that lived in the area.  Stone Mountain is centrally located; convenient to the highway, downtown Atlanta, and various shopping malls.

CC: What volunteer initiative are you currently involved in to make Stone Mountain-Redan a better place?

SM: I work with the deaf community.  One aspect of that is volunteering at The Atlanta Area School for the Deaf.  Also, I help families with deaf members learn American Sign Language.

CC: What prompted you to get involved in this work?

SM: Eight years ago I decided to learn American Sign Language because I saw the need in the deaf community to help people understand the Bible in American Sign Language.

CC: Fantastic. How can other Stone Mountain-Redan residents get involved in and/or support your cause?

SM: Two things: 1) Learn American Sign Language. Georgia Perimeter College offers courses in American Sign Language as does The Atlanta Area School for the Deaf. 2) Once you have a basic knowledge of the language, contact The Atlanta Area School for the Deaf or other programs serving the deaf community for volunteering opportunities.


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