Local Shooting Victim's Father on Gun Control: 'Education is the Best Thing'

William Dawson, owner of Weeyums Philly Style Cheesesteaks in Stone Mountain city, also said stiffer penalties on people who commit crimes with guns could be effective.

William Dawson's son was shot in the arm during a robbery at the family restaurant, Weeyums Philly Style Cheese Steaks in Stone Mountain Village, in November 2010.

As the debate about gun control intensifies following the massacre at an elementary school in Newtown, Dawson said "education is the best thing" on guns and the responsibilities of gun ownership, as well as harsher consequences for those who commit crimes using firearms. That might help people "think a little harder about committing a crime," he said.

Henry Louis Adams, who has written blogs about the dangers of celebratory gunfire, told Patch: "I think that every responsible law abiding american should be able to own a gun. However, I also believe that there needs to be a strong system in place to ensure that guns do not get into the hands of the mentally unstable or criminals. Tougher punishment should be issued to those that handle their firearms irresponsibly in which causes harm to themselves, their families and others. And mandatory fines, community service or incarceration for those that are caught selling or in possession of an illegal firearm."

While Dawson also recognizes the right to bear arms and have guns for safety reasons, he's not sure what else can be done to curb violent situations like Newtown or armed robberies.

"Maybe in the future people will have a bigger conscience," Dawson said.


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