Is Smoke Rise Annexation by Stone Mountain a Good Idea?

The area governed by the city of Stone Mountain would increase from 1.6 square miles to 12 square miles.

Sunday's meeting on the annexation proposal drew about 60 people. Credit: Pam Gillen Heisler
Sunday's meeting on the annexation proposal drew about 60 people. Credit: Pam Gillen Heisler
By Pam Gillen Heisler

Sunday's meeting to discuss the potential annexation of Smoke Rise into the City of Stone Mountain drew about 60 people.

The initial request for a feasibility study, now being undertaken by Stone Mountain City Manager Gary Peet, came from some members of the Stone Mountain Community Improvement District (CID).

The city agreed to proceed and the Stone Mountain Administrative Task Force (SMATF) on city sustainability was founded. The meeting was hosted by the SMATF and led by Thom Deloach and Gary Peet of Stone Mountain Village. Emory Morsberger, President of the Stone Mountain CID was in attendance but made no comments.

The group agreed that until Mr. Peet completes his study, there was little data to make an informed decision and subsequent public meetings will be held when more information is available.

It is important to note the difference in approach and timelines in city incorporation (Tucker) and area annexation (Stone Mountain) as it applies to our area. Cityhood requires submitting a placeholder bill to the Georgia legislature prior to any upcoming session for vote by lawmakers statewide, whereas annexation is limited to a local referendum - usually a special election.

Different statutes cover these activities. If successful, the area governed by the city of Stone Mountain would increase from 1.6 square miles to 12 square miles and would grow from 6,000 to 17,000 residents. 

Also, the annexation process is a little more complicated in that it has to be submitted with justifiable numbers to the Georgia legislature by unanimous consent of the DeKalb delegation, and unlike cityhood it can be done during a current session and requires no debate on the floor.

What's your take on this plan? Tell us in the comments-
Kevin Madigan October 28, 2013 at 09:10 PM
From an email by Roger Tufts: I signed in to comment on your timely post in Monday's morning Patch which was after the fact, and so typical of the level of communication that is the norm for our town. Even NAN'S Notes did not mention that this was in the works. There might have been some other over taxed citizens interested in this proposal, and I must say that the dismal failure of our current administration's efforts to revitalize our downtown commercial district is probably not what Smoke Rise wishes to be a part of... I guess that's why we are having a Municipal election coming up.. So to the Voters in Stone Mountain, GET OFF YOR BUTTS AND VOTE !, I say OUT with the OLD and in with the new ! Maybe some fresh faces at City Hall will bring in a new perspective, and get our City rolling.
Kevin Madigan October 28, 2013 at 09:12 PM
Roger - Patch was not informed that this meeting was taking place. Still, the notification was on the Patch site on Sunday morning, prior to the meeting.
Jack Sartain October 29, 2013 at 08:24 AM
Evidently Roger is in the dark about a lot of things. especially the background of several of the not-so-hot candidates. Have not seen him at Council meetings, DDA meetings, Main Street meetings, any festivals or in any of the businesses. The candidates for council that ARE WORTHY OF ELECTION ARE: David Thomas, Steve Higgins, Steve Wells, Susan Coletti, and Mayor Pat Wheeler.


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