Five Questions for: Dr. Tarah Hadley, Executive Director, Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort (AWARE)

Learn more about this Lithonia-based organization and how you can help it meet its goals to help, and provide education about, wild animals.

Dr. Tarah Hadley, executive director of Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort  (AWARE) in Lithonia, took some time to answer a few questions from Patch about the organization's wishes, successes and how people can help going forward:

Does AWARE have a special 'holiday wish' this year -- a need you'd like taken care of before the start of 2013?

We could use floor tiles (12 x 12 inches, white or beige) or an efficiency stove/oven to replace our rusted one.

Approximately how many animals have been helped by AWARE's programs and services in 2012?

We will take in about 1,300 animals in 2012.

Is there anything new or different that AWARE will be doing in 2013?

On Jan. 26, AWARE will host its first ever lecture series--The 2013 Michael D. Ellis Wildlife Series. Our speakers are from the GA Department of Natural Resources and they will talk about bat and bog turtle conservation. We invite rehabilitators, AWARE volunteers, and members of the public to attend.

What's your favorite success story of 2012

This summer we had a female red-tailed hawk that was rescued by GA Power from an electric utility pole. It had been hanging upside down for 8 hours and had life-threatening burns to its body. A volunteer who was at the scene brought the hawk to AWARE where it spent the next few months in rehabiliation to heal its wounds. She did well in rehab and recently she was returned to the same area. When released, she flew to the top of the tallest pine tree. It was obvious that not only was she physically healed but her spirit was ready to soar! 

How can people help AWARE on an ongoing basis?



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