Five Questions For: Chris Brand, President, Friends of Disabled Adults and Children (FODAC)

Learn more about this organization and how you can help it meet its goals.

Chris Brand, president, Friends of Disabled Adults and Children, known as FODAC, took some time to share information about the organization -- its needs, favorite moments of 2012 and how people can help long-term:

Does FODAC have a special 'holiday wish' this year -- a need you'd like taken care of before the start of 2013?

There are so many children who are dealing with disabilities yet don’t have the resources for proper equipment or home modifications. These are children who may only have a wheelchair at school, so at home they have no independence or ability to play, or they may have even simpler equipment needs like a shower chair. To sponsor one of these children only costs $170, but that money allows these kids to live fuller, more enriched lives. People interested in sponsoring a child can contact Linda Johnson at lindajohnson@fodac.org.

Approximately how many people have been helped by FODAC's programs and services in 2012? 

In 2012, FODAC fulfilled over 5,000 requests for equipment, serving over 3,000 unique individuals.

Is there anything new or different that FODAC will be doing in 2013?

In 2013, FODAC will be adding more technology demonstration to our services, such as hearing and vision aids and augmented speech controls.

What's your favorite success story of 2012?

There were so many moving moments here in 2012, but seeing Aimee Copeland popping wheelies in her new chair in our break room has to be one of my favorites! We had loaned Aimee a wheelchair while she waited on the one she had ordered, and she came here to pick it up. Her exuberance and good spirits during her whole ordeal was so expiring to all of us.

How can people help FODAC on an ongoing basis?

 There are so many opportunities to support our organization – you can volunteer time; donate any used medical equipment you have and no longer need; donate items to our thrift store; donate money to help us buy equipment; and just spread the word of our work. Visit www.fodac.org for information on FODAC and all these opportunities.

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