Book Review: Adventures with Easton - the Magical Journey

A review of local author Mary Gilmartin's debut novel.

A young boy, Easton Wilbur, attempts to overcome his adversities through his dreams and friendships.  Easton has a disability due to a car wreck at age three. Because of this disability, he develops the ability to escape the real world and travel to a magical world through his dreams.

Now a nine-year-old boy, Easton is excited every night to dream a new adventure. When he finds out that happiness is actually all around him, some remarkable things start to happen. As he learns through open communications, the true magic happens when he is awake.

In Adventures with Easton, takes the adult reader to a place that can only be remembered from dreams or memories. For young readers, it is a place of exciting mysteries, adventure and enjoyment.

Her attention to major and minor details is very clever. The way she weaves in faith, redemption and love all set in Atlanta, kept this Georgia reader interested from the first word to the last.

Easton Wilbur is a boy dealing with feelings, issues and pain that many kids his age shouldn’t have to. When he was three years old, he was in a very tragic car accident that broke his foot and killed his mother. 

Dealing with rejections, fear, and sadness, this boy tries to feel happy. This seems to be found only in his dreams every night. His new stepmother Clara is mean and constantly riding him about chores, something that strains their relationship.  

As the story unfolds, Easton learns about faith in people, redemption in his relationship with stepmother and dad, and new friendships that make him feel happy and alive. 

This book can be enjoyed by readers 9 through 90 years old. The innocence and true wonderment found in the pages makes you want more. The Southern charm Ms. Gilmartin has with place, setting and theme just might rub off on you no matter where you live.

Knowing that this is a trilogy series, I look forward to reading the continuing saga of Easton Wilbur.  I give this book 4 ½ out of 5 stars.


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